The Corona Pandemic is a challenge, but also brings the opportunity to try out new things.
For I shoot the products for the social media campaigns every month.


Peace Of Land – The buzzing of bees

Guided tour by Silke Meyer/SALZUNDHONIG in the community garden ‘Peace Of Land’ – Berlin September 2020
The buzzing becomes louder the closer you get to the beehives… Starting with the history of bees, their development up to our present situation, which is characterized by insect mortality, we will explore our relationship to them and discuss the scope of action. We will dive into the world of bees with our senses.
We will observe them at the flight hole and on the meadows and take a look into the beehive where the bees have brought in the nectar of the summer flowers in spring and summer – and we will taste the surplus honey warm from the hive!


New series online – SAFARI
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One of the reasons why I love traveling Africa is nature and the wild animals.
This year we spent 10 days in a row in a national park, always curious what to expect next along the way…⁠⠀

impressions South Africa 2019

Everybody always thinks I’m just on holiday, but I’m just very slow in editing my pictures and then publishing them during the year. Here are some impressions from our road trip through South Africa in early 2019.

Cover and cover story for Speisekarte 2020

On the cover you can see the founder of the Berlin restaurant Hallmann & Klee.

For the cover story about the best Italians in Berlin I visited 6 restaurants and photographed the chefs as well as the signature menu of the restaurant.

Cover for Pro Agro ‘Landurlaub 2020’

One of the most beautiful shootings this year.
We spent one day and one night with a raft on the waters of the Havel near Berlin to shoot this picture in the morning hours.