Business Portraits

Strong and professional business portraits can open doors and arouse interest! My aim with my business photography is to support you in making your or your company’s public image as authentic and appealing as possible. The business portraits with which you present your company or your business are often the first thing that customers get to see of you. An expressive portrait can make all the difference here. Whether for your website, social media channels or PR & press purposes, together we will find the right style for you.

Business photography for freelancers & companies

I offer different shooting packages for individuals in the studio for you to choose from. Would you like an outdoor location or pictures of yourself at your workplace? Do you need a PR photo of the company founders? Do you want team photos of all your employees or a group photo in the office? I would be happy to plan a customised shoot according to your wishes.

Personal branding is becoming increasingly important: high-quality images convey trust. When potential customers, employers or partners see that you are investing in the presentation of your brand, they gain confidence in your professionalism. Every image tells a story, and I help you to visualise your own story. We create imagery that embodies your values, your personality and your mission.

Well thought-out personal branding means consistency. Your images should fit seamlessly in different contexts, be it on your website, in social media or in presentations. This creates recognition and strengthens your brand. The best personal branding photos are authentic. They show you as you really are and convey your uniqueness.

As a photographer, my job is to capture your uniqueness in pictures. We work together to create photos that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also effectively convey your message. Personal branding images can make a big difference. They are the key to making you stand out from the crowd and building a distinctive brand.

Before a business shoot, we work together to determine which image style suits you and your needs. Advice on how best to prepare for the shoot and which outfits would be suitable is of course included. If required, a make-up artist can of course also be booked to take care of your perfect look.

With my many years of experience as a business photographer, I not only score points with great business photos, but also with structured organisation so that the entire production, from consultation to post-production of the image material, is a positive experience for you.

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I am so pleased with the photos taken by Saskia. The shoot was very relaxed and the way she worked was very professional. Many, many thanks!
Josef Loibner
Josef Loibner
A very straightforward recommendation! Thanks to her professional approach and her good sense of how to get the best out of you for the lens, great pictures were taken. Saskia manages to create a relaxed atmosphere and gives valuable tips. Besides super portraits in which I like myself, I had a lot of fun in the studio.
Eleni Avaniti
Eleni Avaniti
Then you just have to decide for WOW! or YEAH! Those were two professional appointments with infectious positive energy, and you can see that in the pictures. Didn't know there could be such good pictures of me!
Tim Weber
Tim Weber
Coach & Consultant

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