Covershoot for Pro Agro ‘Pferdeland 2023’ – Making Of

Talking to my models…
Every year one of the most beautiful photo shoots for cover and cover story.
Somewhere in Brandenburg on horse farms for the magazine ‘Pferdeland 2023’.

Client: Pro Agro e.V.
Agency: Raufeld Medien GmbH

Photos: Katja Stellert – Art Director

Making Of Pro Agro ‘Pferdeland 2022’

Shooting with increased difficulty, when two of the models would rather cuddle with the photographer…
For the magazine ‘Pferdeland 2022’ by Pro Agro e.V.
Photo: Katja Steller – Art Director, Raufeld Medien

Ocean. Now! IN YOUR FACE Exhibition

After Corona threw a spanner in the works in 2020, our project IN YOUR FACE is finally on the road as an exhibition!
The journey began with an exhibition at the Regattahaus Kiel, then it was on display at the RAW grounds in Berlin as part of Berlin Photo Week 2021, and continued at the Alte Münze Berlin. In 2022, exhibitions will follow on Sylt and in Lisbon at the UN Ocean Conference.

50 Years Nobel Peace Prize Willy Brandt

For the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, I had the privilege of documenting the 2021 event celebrating 50 years of Willy Brandt’s Nobel Peace Prize, with high-ranking guests such as Martin Schulz, Jean Asselborn and Jens Stoltenberg.

SPEKTREN Exhibition of the Female Photoclub Berlin

The exhibition brings together the work of 10 Berlin-based female photographers from the FEMALE PHOTOCLUB. Now, for the first time, a show of the Berlin group’s work is taking place in the rooms of the Treptow Ateliers on the grounds of the Rathenau-Hallen in Schöneweide. The architecture, with its more than one hundred years of history, from industrial site to current use by artists, creatives and craftspeople, and its uncertain future, reflects the city’s transformation. Under the title Spectra (from the Latin term “spectrum” for “image, appearance” and “specere” for “to see, to look”), a wealth of different photographic approaches is presented here.
Thus, similar themes and questions can be found in the individual works. Diverse bodies, glances, encounters show the many nuances of human and self-images. Partly fleeting, partly longer-lasting observations of being and society – in private, in public, in foreign places – characterize the photographers’ reflections. The pictures tell of being on the move and arriving, closeness and distance, but also of the materiality of bodies and photography itself. Accordingly, the title is also analogous to the light spectra and the frequency of certain wavelengths, which, as the visible part of radiation, change according to the refraction and angle of incidence of the light and are interpreted differently by the four sensory cells of our eyes. How are the viewpoints of the photographers, the different aspects of the human condition, perceived depending on the viewer? The exhibition is, as it were, an image of this, but it can never be a concrete image. It is the multiplicity of images and observations, the unpredictability of the encounters that reflect the many fragments of the human being. fragments of the human being.