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One of the reasons why I love traveling Africa is nature and the wild animals.
This year we spent 10 days in a row in a national park, always curious what to expect next along the way…⁠⠀

impressions South Africa 2019

Everybody always thinks I’m just on holiday, but I’m just very slow in editing my pictures and then publishing them during the year. Here are some impressions from our road trip through South Africa in early 2019.

Yasu – Animation Producer, Tokyo

A few years back, when I was traveling during the wintertime, I rented out my Berlin apartment to Alison, a DJ from New York. Last summer, before I flew to Japan, she connected me with Yasu, an old friend of hers, who lived in Tokyo.

He and Alison met, when Yasu was studying music business in New York back in 2000 , while working as an intern at a record label called ‚Turntable Lab’.

On his return to Tokyo after finishing his studies in 2004, he opened up his own record label and store called ‚Moonwalk Records‘ as well as a Tokyo branch of ‚Turntable Lab‘.
But the music business in Japan was not going as well as expected, so Yasu switched to advertising. He worked for clients like Audi, doing brand promotions including parties and popup stores, where he could combine his love for music with the job.

A friend of Yasu started an animation company and asked him to join as a producer.
For animation you need a story, graphic design and music. Working as a producer, has enabled Yasu to integrate his many previous life experiences.

“This is the real place, this is Costa Rica”

Portraits I shot during my trip to Costa Rica beginning of the year with the Surfer Jerry.

We just spent one night and one day in ‘Casa Jerry’ at Manzanilla Beach, a bit north of Santa Teresa on Peninsula Nicoya, Costa Rica, where Jerry is renting out a room.A quiet little village, no tourists, with roads that sent clouds of dust through the veranda every time a car passed.

Jerry grew up in Florida. When he was 21 he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for causing a car accident that killed the son of the police chief. The accident also put him in a wheelchair. A blood test was presented that showed his blood alcohol level was three times higher than allowed, although all his friends testified he wasn’t drinking that night. During the trial, when the judge allowed a genetic test on the blood, in order to ascertain wether it was Jerry’s or not, the evidence had disappeared.

After 3 years of rehabilitation, he served six of the nine years in prison. He was released from prison when he was 30, but he couldn’t stand staying in the US, just not feeling free. He started traveling, working in shipyards and on yachts, ‘entertaining the rich’ for two or three month a year to make enough money to spend the rest of the year surfing and enjoying life in Costa Rica. He has lived in his cabina in Manzanillo beach for 7 years now.