SO MANY WAYS – Vanlife Stories Magazine

I wanted to know what life concepts and motivations are behind the people who live in the van for longer periods or even permanently? What experiences lead to the decision to travel in a van, maybe even to give up life in ‘normal society’ with their own flat and a permanent job? What is special about this way of life? For my series ‘SO MANY WAYS’ I met van dwellers in Portugal and on Tenerife.

All the stories and pictures are now in the magazine. Email me to get your copy.

Sponsored by Stiftung Kulturwerk

Enviro Sustain – Summer Party 2022

For my client Enviro Sustain, I accompanied the summer party 2022 with the camera.

Videography: Saskia Uppenkamp
Editing & picture editing: Pauline Kortmann

SO MANY WAYS – Vanlife 2022 Teaser

Since the beginning of 2022 I am now working on my personal project ‘SO MANY WAYS’.
Soon it will be released…
Here is a little teaser about my work on Tenerife.

What makes someone give up their “normal life” in society?
For my documentary series “SO MANY WAYS” I met people on Tenerife, Spain and in the south of Portugal whose centre of life is their van. The series sheds light on each person’s alternative concept of life. What is the motivation and what events led to this decision?
26 life stories

Camera & Edit: Saskia Uppenkamp
Music & Lyrics: David Barbens
Supported by Stiftung Kulturwerk

BürgerEnergie Berlin – Reportage

I photographed the installation of a photovoltaic system for BürgerEnergie Berlin for one day.
The BEB is a free, cross-party association of citizens who are committed to a sustainable and democratic energy policy for the future in Berlin.