Witness This Mix Of The Month July 2019

Well-known for his long upbeat-music DJ sets, Norman Weber is able to tune in with his audience allowing the crowd to go crazy and forget about everything—thanks to a lively and catchy groove.

Born in Jena, which is often called the Thuringian “green heart” of Germany, Norman grew up swinging between different types of music from Funk and Disco to Hip-Hop and Acid Jazz, as his dad was also a musician and a touring DJ. Later on, House Music would become the final ingredient to his dance floor recipe allowing him to offer something for every taste.

From those early days to his last release Happenings of LifeNorman Weber spent almost two decades conceiving the art of DJing and producing as a gift. Both under his own name, or together with Marco Resmann as members of the renowned duo Luna City Express, he cheers up people on dance floors everywhere.