Cover and cover story for Speisekarte 2020

On the cover you can see the founder of the Berlin restaurant Hallmann & Klee.

For the cover story about the best Italians in Berlin I visited 6 restaurants and photographed the chefs as well as the signature menu of the restaurant.

Cover for Pro Agro ‘Landurlaub 2020’

One of the most beautiful shootings this year.
We spent one day and one night with a raft on the waters of the Havel near Berlin to shoot this picture in the morning hours.

‘Der freie Marmeladen-Staat’

Reportage published in zitty Berlin Sonderheft ‘Brandenburg 2016’. Eden is a vegetarian colony that was founded 1893 in Oranienburg, north of Berlin. Till today there are special rules concerning the gardens of every house of the colony, for example there have to be planted 8 fruit bearing trees per 1000 square meters.

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