26 years, from Schramberg-Sulgen, Germany 

So Many Ways; Vanlife; 2022; Portugal; Teneriffa; travel; lifestyle; van; camper; lebensgeschichten; life stories; Saskia Uppenkamp; Portrait; Fotograf; Fotografin; Berlin; Friedrichshain; Studio; On Location; Reportage

“I strive to find my happiness.
For me, this doesn’t include material things like expensive clothes or luxury cars. The simple life in the camper makes me happy. I have never been so free in my life. I am like a dry sponge, soaking up everything, enjoying and appreciating freedom.  I’ve never had that before in my life.” 

Nico – Playa Las Americas
26 years, from Schramberg-Sulgen, Germany

Nico’s decision to quit his permanent job was the best one he ever made. For five years after his apprenticeship, he worked as a programmer and training manager in a company that manufactures prototypes for aerospace. This job not only brought excellent earnings, but also a high level of responsibility. At some point, he felt that his work at the computer was only making him sick and depressed. He took the decision to focus more on himself, to finally put his freedom and independence first. 

He started day trading at the age of 18, parallel to his main job. After inheriting a real estate property, he financed further properties through his earnings and income from his trades. Everything he made went towards paying off the loans for the properties. The rental income gave him the security to quit his job, to get off the hamster wheel of employment. From the rental income, he can now relax and finance his life in the van. 

Nico’s role model for this lifestyle was his uncle, who also largely renounced luxury and preferred to invest his money in travelling with his camper.