For the Berlin non-profit organisation Ocean. Now! I photographed 36 portraits of the project ‘In Your Face’.

“In Your Face” is a media-driven collective project by Ocean. Now. with participants from around the world. Over a period of 3 months, ocean lovers collected microplastic samples that are now shown symbolically in the shape of a “beauty mask” on “known faces”. The bloody nose stands for the destructive character of microplastics. Our collective wave of resistance aims at sending a clear message: It’s time to finally ban microplastics in cosmetics and cleaning products. It’s time for us humans to look ourselves in the eye.

The artwork ‘Microplastics II’ of artist Swaantje Güntzel, was model for the project. We replicated it on the faces of Dieter Hallervorden, Ranga Yogeshwar, Luisa Neubauer and Oliver Koletzki, among others.