Salon Bordel!

End of the summer I had a promo shoot with the Berlin based hairstylists of Salon Bordel!: Simone Greve and Daniela Mezzapesa.

DJ & Producer Mike Shannon

For the ‘Witness This – Mix Of The Month August 2017’, I met Canadian DJ & Producer Mike Shannon
at Berlins famous ‘Club der Visionaere’ for a shooting.

Anahita – Arts Of Asia

For the online creative magazine WITNESS THIS, I visited the Berlin arts dealer Anahita Sadighi in her shop in Wilmersdorf.

“To live with art is a silent, satisfying, and long-lasting joy.
Objects that please our aesthetic needs, give us positive energy, and can be passed on from generation to generation
seem a worthwhile investment in times of fast transition and search for identity.”

–Anahita Sadighi


‘Labyrinth of Lies’ – Exhibition

I had the honor to document the exhibition ‘Labyrinth of Lies’ featuring the artist Sven Sauer and The Connor Brothers, that took place in an old abandoned brewery in Berlin last weekend.

Labyrinth of Lies

For the online creative magazine WITNESS THIS, I took part in the first testing for the upcoming exhibition LABYRINTH OF LIES by Berlin artist Sven Sauer in collaboration with THE CONNOR BROTHERS end of May 2017 at Willner Brauerei in Berlin.

‘The installation explores the subconscious transformation of imagery from media into our collective and individual truths. The Labyrinth of Lies is an illuminated maze of umbrellas, referencing the so-called umbrella revolution—a non-violent protest for democracy that occurred throughout Asia in 2014 in which the protestants used umbrellas to shield themselves from police’s tear gas.’
Philipp Vogt –

Absolut Vodka Campaign Documentation 2016

Again at work for the Munich creative agency LAUT VON LEISE…
I documented the 2016 ‘ABSOLUT VODKA – Absolut Nights’ campaign: A light installation by the Belgium artist Fred Eerdekens at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.


Coverpic Shooting

For Contemporary Tango Festival 2016 – Berlin
In Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

Shot at Berliner Hauptbahnhof