PR-Shooting with the complete Heinz Music Crew at the Berlin Club Kater Blau.
Marcus Meinhardt, Sascha Cawa, Dirrty Dishes, Khainz, Beth Lydi, …


Shooting with the traditional Japanese Band Japan’s Elegant Breeze 凛と風 in Tokyo during my trip in June. The band members are playing the traditional instruments koto, shamizen and shakuhachi. JEB is invited to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We shot at the Nezu Shrine and a original Japanese tea house in Ueno to produce a portfolio of pics that can be used for public relations.

Absolut Vodka Campaign Documentation

For the Munich creative agency LAUT VON LEISE I documented the 2015 ‘ABSOLUT VODKA – Absolut Nights’ Campaign in the streets of Berlin.

‘Der freie Marmeladen-Staat’

Reportage published in zitty Berlin Sonderheft ‘Brandenburg 2016’. Eden is a vegetarian colony that was founded 1893 in Oranienburg, north of Berlin. Till today there are special rules concerning the gardens of every house of the colony, for example there have to be planted 8 fruit bearing trees per 1000 square meters.

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