‘Der freie Marmeladen-Staat’

Reportage published in zitty Berlin Sonderheft ‘Brandenburg 2016’. Eden is a vegetarian colony that was founded 1893 in Oranienburg, north of Berlin. Till today there are special rules concerning the gardens of every house of the colony, for example there have to be planted 8 fruit bearing trees per 1000 square meters.

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Gunny – Vietnam Veteran

There are no holidays without taking pictures of people….
First part of my traveler series is online.

Make sure to check out the story of ‘GUNNY’, a Vietnam veteran I met in Costa Rica!


On September 14th THE HUNDERT Vol 06 is released,
with 32 double-page portraits of Berlin startups shot by me.

Download via www.the-hundert.com

Startups in this issue: MONOQI, Paul Camper, Helpling, Koawach