Coverpic Shooting

For Contemporary Tango Festival 2016 – Berlin
In Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

Shot at Berliner Hauptbahnhof


PR-Shooting with the complete Heinz Music Crew at the Berlin Club Kater Blau.
Marcus Meinhardt, Sascha Cawa, Dirrty Dishes, Khainz, Beth Lydi, …


Shooting with the traditional Japanese Band Japan’s Elegant Breeze 凛と風 in Tokyo during my trip in June. The band members are playing the traditional instruments koto, shamizen and shakuhachi. JEB is invited to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We shot at the Nezu Shrine and a original Japanese tea house in Ueno to produce a portfolio of pics that can be used for public relations.

Absolut Vodka Campaign Documentation

For the Munich creative agency LAUT VON LEISE I documented the 2015 ‘ABSOLUT VODKA – Absolut Nights’ Campaign in the streets of Berlin.


The first portrait series I shot during my trip to Japan beginning of june.
Walking around the famous Tokyo districts Shibuja and Shinjuku with Marius, a very old friend of mine I met accidentally in Tokyo.

“This is the real place, this is Costa Rica”

Portraits I shot during my trip to Costa Rica beginning of the year with the Surfer Jerry.

We just spent one night and one day in ‘Casa Jerry’ at Manzanilla Beach, a bit north of Santa Teresa on Peninsula Nicoya, Costa Rica, where Jerry is renting out a room.A quiet little village, no tourists, with roads that sent clouds of dust through the veranda every time a car passed.

Jerry grew up in Florida. When he was 21 he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for causing a car accident that killed the son of the police chief. The accident also put him in a wheelchair. A blood test was presented that showed his blood alcohol level was three times higher than allowed, although all his friends testified he wasn’t drinking that night. During the trial, when the judge allowed a genetic test on the blood, in order to ascertain wether it was Jerry’s or not, the evidence had disappeared.

After 3 years of rehabilitation, he served six of the nine years in prison. He was released from prison when he was 30, but he couldn’t stand staying in the US, just not feeling free. He started traveling, working in shipyards and on yachts, ‘entertaining the rich’ for two or three month a year to make enough money to spend the rest of the year surfing and enjoying life in Costa Rica. He has lived in his cabina in Manzanillo beach for 7 years now.