Shamsa for WITNESS THIS MOTM September 2018

‘Shamsa’ is an old Bedouin word that translates into ‘the sun’. –
“Being the first female DJ in Amman, there were no footsteps I could follow… toughest thing though was convincing my mother of the idea that I choose DJing as a career, especially in a culture that has yet to grasp the spectrum of this field of work.”

Susanne Cordula Welsch

PR Shooting with the Tango violinist Susanne Cordula Welsch, member of Cuarteto Rotterdam, in Berlin.

Crying Vessel for WITNESS THIS MOTM April 2018

Slade Templeton a.k.a. Crying Vessel

Technically, CRYING VESSEL is a one-man-show most of the time. Probably best described as a postwave-industrial-indie-synth-pop project, it is the artistic outlet of US-born musician and recording engineer Slade Templeton. From time to time he seeks out support in the studio or during live shows from various accompanying artists, especially drummer Basil who is planning to become a more steady member of the band going forward. Slade and Basil are both living in and working out of Bern, Switzerland.